Mother’s Day 2017. 

No, I wasn’t with either of my “boys” this Mother’s day, but I was spoilt by them both, nevertheless!!

My first Mother’s day treat was with Patrick, when he was “in town”!!

We donned our ‘glad rags’ and went out, Paris Style! We walked to a little restaurant, ‘A la Biche au Bois’, only 10 minutes away. This restaurant, as our bilingual waiter explained, is in the traditional style of French restaurants and cooking. It had, thankfully, as many French customers, as international ones! 

We dined well! 3 courses & the cheese board. I complimented this with a champagne cocktail & an espresso! ( I think the waiter felt I needed more wine!!) 

Escargots first! Yummy in parsley, butter and a tiny amount of garlic!

Sticking to Super traditional: I had Coq au Vin next! Mmmmmm! 

Then we could sample as much of this cheese as we wanted, or in my case, as I could fit in!!

And lastly…My favourite…Dessert! A wonderful concoction of a madeline, icecream, berries and Chantilly cream! OoLala!

We then went on a long walk to wear it all down! 

Ahhh! Paris by night!! Makes all the Paris icons look magical. Then we caught Le Metro home, and fell asleep almost before our heads hit the pillows! What a special Mother’s day treat! Thanks Patrick! 😘

My next Mother’s day ( “with” Lachlan) consisted of two parts…

Whilst I have been swanning around Paris, Lachlan was beavering away on the task of selling my dear little campervan. And he did! Very quickly. And for the price we’d hoped for! What a Mother’s day gift! 

But wait! There’s more….In my account appeared money to spend on another Paris eating experience….Le Bistro. A small, less traditional approach to French cooking, often with a set menu of the chef’s choice. 

So, once again I wandered about 10 minutes from my apartment, in the opposite direction from last time and had a wonderful Mother’s day lunch…At Quartier Libre! 

The sun was shining, so I sat out the front! This way I could spend time people watching whilst I ate! Once again, the waitress was bilingual, ( a leetle engleesh!) so that made it easier to get the food I wanted! Accompanied this time with sparkling water, and finished off with an espresso, I dined on the chef’s set menu..

Salmon , croutons and yummy light sour creamy stuff! And bread! Always bread! Delicious bread! 

Steak, with blue cheese sauce, a divine potato bake ( forgotten the French name!) and salad greens! Yum!

A slice of heavenly, delicious, kind of bread and butter pudding but with a very elegant name( which I’ve also forgotten) ! 

Perfect! Amazing! And all the other customers were French, and quite a few were regulars. It would only fit about 20 customers at the most! Wonderful! And once again, a long walk was the order of the day!!! Thanks Lschlan, Susannah and family. 😘

So, as you can see, I was very spoilt this Mother’s Day, and I am very thankful for the 2 loving sons God has blessed me with! 

Footnote: these were the only meals I ate on    the 2 respective days. Just in case you were wondering!!!!!! 😋

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