Having left my luggage in safe keeping (I hope) , I enjoyed the short and picturesque walk into St Helier. Firstly, I needed breakfast! Hunger and thirst assuaged, I then set off to sort my other priorities for that day….money, and the bus station! Did you know that Jersey and Guernsey print their own pounds? British money works on J & G, but Jersey & Guernsey money is not accepted on the mainland! So the correct amount was needed, and no more! On arrival at the conveniently close bus station, I was pleased to find that 4 different bus routes went past the Jersey zoo, so I was set!

You may wonder…..why did she want to visit the Jersey zoo? So I will tell you, whether you wondered or not!! During my early teenage years, my Mum and I enjoyed reading all the Gerald Durrell books. Through them we learned of many countries and animals, both familiar and unfamiliar! We learnt that in 1959, Gerald Durrell established a conservation enterprise, called the Jersey zoo, where he did his small part of preventing some animal species from becoming extinct. Mum and I were fascinated! Also, coincidentally, my book club is reading his first book later this year!

After a very roundabout but picturesque bus ride to the zoo, I firstly checked, and rechecked, the time my return bus would leave, not wishing to miss another ferry!

I loved my few hours at the zoo. It was small enough to see most of it, the surroundings were lush, the sun was shining and I enjoyed listening to various keeper talks along the way. I especially appreciated hearing about the Orangutan and what the Durrell conservation group were doing to assist their survival. The education programmes, the local (Borneo) exposure of  palm oil companies ‘ malpractice that affect the Orangutan ‘s natural environment, and the successful resettlement of young Os back in Borneo. A wonderful outing all round!

Refreshed by a pot of tea, I caught the correct bus back to St Helier, walked back to the ferry terminal, and arrived there at approximately the time my helpful young lady should be opening the cafe. Would she return? Would my luggage still be there? Would I catch the correct ferry , finally, to Guernsey? The answers are yes, yes and yes…with only 1 slight blip!! It was a different young lady manning the cafe! I went up to her tentatively and asked, “You’re not the girl that was here this morning are you?” Her reply was a grin and “You must be Moira! I’ll go get your luggage!” Relief!!! 😁 Following is a photo of my relieved self!

So, only 25 hours later than expected..I arrived in Guernsey! Yay! My friend David’s  brother, and his wife, were waiting to pick me up and they kindly delivered a tired and relieved me to my accommodation. Woohoo!

5 thoughts on “Jersey. 

  1. Nice to see you had some time to spend in Jersey, very similar to Guernsey but as you WILL agree Guernsey is the better of the 2 Islands…hah. Great to here you were able to catch up with my mum and my brother Barry and sister law Tina. xxx

    • Yes, David! It was lovely to catch up with them. Guernsey is of course the better!! The buses were £1, and Jersey’s were £2!!, For a start!!

  2. I have been holding my breath since your last post. Hoping you could retrieve your luggage in time for the next ferry. And you did! Happy travels Moira. I look forward to your next post.

  3. Dearest Moira

    I am reading these but not had much time to reply. Glad you are having fun. Look forward to a phone catch up when you have a few spare mins. Stay safe and well.

    lots of love and hugs

    Susie xxxxx


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