Guernsey, with a little Sark on the side!

What a wonderful time I had on Guernsey, and a lot of that was due to my very kind taxi driver/tour guides..Barry & Tina. But I’ll get to them later! 

Day 1 was warm and sunny, and I caught an earlyish bus from my Airbnb to the other side of the island, to St Peter Port. Mine host had told me where to catch the bus, but as I was wandering around looking for the bus stop, along trundled said bus!! Oh no! So I hailed the bus driver, and he stopped, with not a bus stop in sight!! How kind. The trip was nearly an hour and it was a great snapshot of Guernsey life..Children going to school, OAPs going shopping, workers off to work & 1 tourist, me! The scenery was divine too, and I glimpsed some happy looking Guernsey cows along the way. Arriving in St Peter Port, I found I was not the only tourist there! People everywhere…Lots of Brits on half term holidays with their families, but also heaps were in town for a few hours from a big Cruise ship that had “parked” nearby! After a lovely breakfast including Guernsey butter, 

I walked to the Port to catch a ferry to the small island of Sark. 

Thus followed a wonderful day!! Sark had taken my interest because they have no motor vehicles on the island apart from tractors. The main mode of transport is by bicycle, or horse drawn buggies. 

So….After a sustaining cuppa, I hired a bike and peddled around a small part of the little island of Sark! It was delightful! 

My main aim was to visit a garden I’d read about called the Seigneurie garden. A Seigneur, or Dame,  is kind of like a Governor, or Lord/Lady of the island. The “job” is hereditary, and their role has gradually changed over the many years since the first Seigneur in the mid 16th century. A Seigneurie is where the Seigneur lives! Whilst the current Seigneur and his family live in the beautiful old house, which is private and not for visitors, the gardens are run by a trust and are for the public. I had  heard that both the garden and tearooms were delightful….They were! 

After quite a few hours of wandering, talking, drinking tea and eating Guernsey icecream, I peddled back to the village and wandered down to the Port, to catch my return ferry. 

On arrival in St Peter Port, my faithful taxi driver and his wife were waiting for me and we three went back to theirs for much chatting and a fish supper! 

That same taxi driver picked me up the next day and drove me to his ( & David’s) Mum’s home. After a cuppa, we four set off for a whistle stop tour of Guernsey. We drove all around the island and I learnt so much about Guernsey’s history, and David’s childhood and young  adulthood.(!!) 

We had a delightful lunch in a restaurant near where they used to keep their boat. I chose the Ploughman’s .. I needed a couple of ploughmen to help me eat it too!!

I saw reservoirs, sea views, German bunkers and Norman towers; pebbly beaches, sandy beaches, a manor house, little cottages, Victor Hugo’s house, and lots of great spots to buy and eat fish and chips!! We , of course, stopped for pots of tea!! We also stopped so that I could walk through the dear little, recently restored Little Chapel. We talked, laughed, reminisced and thoroughly wore ourselves out! A wonderful day! Thank you, Barry, Tina and Phil..I hope I’ll get back for longer one day! They left me at the ferry terminal, ready for my crossing to Poole, and I bet they all went home and collapsed! 

I really enjoyed my short stay on Guernsey. 

8 thoughts on “Guernsey, with a little Sark on the side!

  1. Guernsey and Sark look lovely and the weather must be kind since you have short sleeves in the photos. Thank you for posting, I love to read your travel tales. Will there be one about Beatles houses?

  2. Love your travelogue Moira! and the photos a beautiful too. So pleased you are having such a wonderful time, safe travels and looking forward to future posts!

  3. Nice Pictures Moira. Always nice to see pictures of where I grew up. So many memories. I’ll bet your favourite place was the Little Chapel. Chrissie and Katie thought it was the best when they were over there.Pity you didn’t have more time, Herm is another beautiful Island to visit (my favourite) xx

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