My Cotswolds Idyll.

I left Poole on a Bank holiday Monday morning, which meant things were not quite normal. For example, there was track work happening whilst the commuters were on holiday. Car hire offices generally weren’t open, except for those at airports. Some shops were open, many were not. And so on. What this meant for me was 4 trains to get to Gatwick airport, to pick up my hire car. The trains went quite well, the staff were helpful and redirected me to the new routes, platforms, kiosks, etc(!) and I arrived only an hour later than intended to the car rental part of Gatwick airport. The staff in my particular office were in bank holiday mode or maybe they are normally inefficient but I waited FOREVER before I was handed some keys to a Ford Focus!

Thus armed, I set off….About half a mile down the road to a Maccas! I desperately needed a toilet, a cuppa, a power point for my phone and to work out where I needed to go!! Having completed these important tasks, I finally set off to The Cotswolds! Being the end of a long weekend, there was a lot of traffic heading back into London, but going my way was pretty easy going! The closer I travelled towards my destination, the wider my grin grew! I was surrounded by rolling green hills, White fluffy sheep and I went from the Motorway to A roads then  to narrow, hedge bordered B roads and then I was there..A tiny village called Hidcote Boyce. When I saw my Airbnb, my grin turned into a happy chuckle!

See what I mean? Gorgeous!! My window is the middle one upstairs, surrounded by Wisteria!

And then I went inside!! My room was perfect, complete with en suite.

The breakfast room..

The host family were equally delightful…Dad , Mum, 12 year old girl recovering from a tonsillectomy, 5 year old girl very much like my little 5 y.o. grandaughter and an Aunt from Bulgaria. All very welcoming, interesting and interested in Australia, me and my family.

After that wonderful start, it just continued being wonderful, so wonderful that it is very difficult to chose a few photos only!! But I’ll try..

Nearby Chipping Camden…..

The glorious ( and huge) Hidcote Gardens..

Moreton-in-Marsh, where I only have photos from the cafe where I had lunch!




Snowshill Manor and Garden….

My 3 days flew by! And to top it all off……

They’ve asked me to Housesit for them next year…. Bliss! ☺️

2 thoughts on “My Cotswolds Idyll.

  1. Love the photos Moira, it was a lovely time for you, and to be able to go back next year is something to look forward to!! Keep up the wonderful story:)

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