Luverly London : 1.

When I see this sight out of my Loft window, I know I’m in one of my “happy places”. The glow in the distance is Canary Wharf, London, and I’m at my nephew’s home in Hither Green! I’m staying at S. A. & T.’s home 3 seperate times this holiday, and it’s always a joy!

I started my time in London by going to the dentist! Yes, that’s right! Nearly all the way from Adelaide to London I had a very sore mouth. I messaged my nephew ( from Dubai) and he kindly got an appointment at his dentist for my first day in London. My thoughts were confirmed, an infection in the gum around my tooth implant. Some antibiotics, special mouth wash and 5 days later it was better! Hooray! ( And not too expensive either)

Apart from walking to and from the dentist, finding the best local cafe and picking T up after school, that was my first day in London!!

The next day I decided to hunt for elephants…. And I found 3!!

Elephant Parade is a world wide organisation that raises funds for, and awareness of, the rescue and care of Asian elephants. It involves artists world wide and involves an “Elephant Parade” in various major cities, followed by auctions. I’ve managed to catch this one in London. I found these 3 today, but have plenty more to hunt out later!!

These 3 beauties were near to other streets and squares and shops in London that I hadn’t explored before! Often, they are places I’ve read about in books, or from past or present news, or places that had been recommended by others. What a joy to be wandering around London. Here’s a snapshot ( or 2!) of some of those spots.

This last photo is too small to see what amused me, I think….the 2 blue plaques on the buildings…1 for George Frederic Handel living ( and dying ) there and the other was to say Jimmy Hendrix lived there! Both musos…with contrasting styles!!!

Friday dawned warm and sunny again ( but after a lovely cool, good-for-sleeping night) but I just pottered around “home”, sorting and repacking, washing and having a little walk to the coffee shop. After S came home from work we walked to pick up T and then walked onto a beautiful, local park. It was a perfect afternoon to be out, and T found friends to play with. A bit later on, A walked down to meet us in the park with very yummy, wood-fired pizzas! What a perfect end to a lovely Summer’s day! 😊

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